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  • 505 - The One With All the Kips - Joey is watching a car chase on TV while Monica is try to find the perfect room for there getaway.

[Scene: Chandler and Monica's weekend, a hotel clerk is showing them their new room.]

Chandler: Oh, I'm sorry, am I getting in the way of all the room switching fun?
Monica: Hey, don't blame me for wigging tonight!
Chandler: Oh, who should I blame? The nice bell man who had to drag out luggage to 10 different rooms?
Monica: I don't know, how about the idiot who thought he could drive from Albany to Canada on a half a tank of gas!
Chandler: Do not speak ill of the dead.

  • 409 - The one where they are going to PARTY!  -Ross and Chandler learn Gandof is coming down for a visit and they recall they last time they partied with Gandof and ended up in Nova Scotica.

[Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Chandler is getting ready to party.]

Chandler: Oh man! I am so excited—I may vomit!
Joey: Will you calm down, he’s just a human guy.
Chandler: Look you don’t understand, Gandolf is amazing. Y’know you’re never know what’s gonna end up happening, you go out for a couple of beers and end up on a fishing boat to Nova Scotia!
Joey: Really?!
Chandler: Oh yeah, it’s beautiful country up there.
Ross: (entering) Hey! Okay! I got my passport, fresh socks, and a snake bite kit!
Chandler: It’s not gonna be exactly like last time.

After Learing Gandolf isn't coming Chander says "Stupid, useless Canadian money!"

  • 401 - The One with the girl from Poughkeepsie - Chandler tells Rachel about hockey players. And Ross ends up in Montreal after falling asleep on the train.

    [Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Rachel and Chandler are talking.]

    Chandler: Hey, y’know what, I’ve got two tickets to tonight’s Rangers game, you wanna come with me?
    Rachel: Cute guys in little shorts? Sure.
    Chandler: Well, actually it’s a hockey team, so it’s angry Canadians with no teeth.
    Rachel: Well that sounds fun too.

    [Scene: The train, is pulling into a station.]

    The Conductor: Last stop, Montreal. This stop is Montreal.
    Ross: (waking up) What? (notices that there is now a beautiful woman sitting next to him)
    Woman On Train: I made a bet with myself that you have beautiful eyes. Now that I see them, I win.
    Ross: What?
    Woman On Train: We’re at my stop. But would you like to have coffee?
    Ross: (now fully awake) Are we really in Montreal?!
    Woman On Train: Yes we are. So, coffee?
    Ross: Coffee sounds great. (They get up) Wait, so, so you live in Montreal?
    Woman On Train: Oh, no. But it’s just a two hour ferry ride to Nova Scotia.

  • 204 - The One with Phoebe's Husband - Phoebe married a gay Canadian ice skater so he could get a green card.

    [Scene: The whole gang is there]

    Joey: This is unbelievable Phoebs, how can you be married?
    Phoebe: Well, I mean, I'm not married married, ya know, he's just a
    friend and he's gay and he's just from Canada and he just needed a
    green card.
    Monica: I can't believe you married Duncan. I mean how could you not
    tell me? We lived together, we told each other everything.
    Phoebe: I'm sorry Monica but I knew if I told you, you'd get really,
    judgmental and you would not approve.
    Monica: Of course I wouldn't approve, I mean, you were totally in love
    with this guy who, hello, was gay. I mean, what the hell were you
    Ross: You see, and you thought she'd be
    Phoebe: OK, I wasn't in love with him and I was just helping out a

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  • Matthew Perry ... Chandler

  • David Steinberg (Director)

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