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North of South Park
South Park Canadian References

There is a whole shit-load of references in the South Park movie, but frankly I don't care, the show has lots the little charm it once had to me so, if you want to write the synopsis for it I will add it.
  • Pink Eye - 107 - When Terrance and Phillip are in space they Canada arm is visible.
  • Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut - 113 - We first learn the Terrance and Phillip are Canadian when they are referred as "Canada's hottest stars"
  • Not Without My Anus - 201  - This show was all about Terrance and Phillips adventures to save Canada from Iraq. Read all the references here.
  • Ike's Wee-Wee - 204 - We see the Canadian flag on Ike's tombstone we learn that Ike is actually Canadian. And at the Bris the Moyel was going to use different cutting equipment because he was Canadian, if you look closely the blade is in the shape of a maple leaf.
  • Cow Days - 213 - Stan asks the man a the ball throughing booth "Are those real Terrance and Phillip dolls? They look all crappy."And he replies "Sure they're real. They're even made in Canada."
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999) - The South Park kids watch a movie containing bad language, and are soon imitating it in school. When the parents and teachers hear it, they begin turning the USA into a totalitarian state: the stars of the film are sentenced to death and war is declared on the film's country of origin (Canada). Meanwhile, Kenny is killed and enters Hell, where he meets Satan and Saddam Hussein. Summary written by Niz

How to identify a Canadian on South Park

All Canadians are made so that there head opens and close when they talk. Ike, Terrace, and Phillip are examples of this.

Indirect References

  • An Elephant Makes Love to A Pig - 105 - Moreau says "pig and elephant DNA just won't splice. Haven't you ever heard that song by Loverboy?" Loverboy is a Canadian group.

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