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  • Funeral for a Fiend (KABF01 / S19E08) - Sideshow Bob travels back into the United States in Canadian Pacific Railway car with undocumented Canadian comedy writers for the Jimmy Kimmel show, who are seen wearing Toronto Maples Leafs jerseys.
  • Catch 'Em If You Can (FABF14 / S15E18) - On Niagara Falls, Homer and Marge are about to go over the edge and Canadian and United States Coast Guard are fighting over who should help them:
    • American Coast Guard: Back off Canadians we got them
    • Canadian Coast Guard: You back off hosers, they are in Canadian waters, eh'
    • American Coast Guard: Beat it you puck smacking maple suckers!
    • Canadian Coast Guard: Take a hike you Shatner stealing Mexico touchers!
  • Bart and Lisa, who watch Homer and Marge go over the edge, are shown on the Canadian side of Horseshoe Falls.
  • Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade (DABF20 / S14E03) - Bart help's Lisa with her homework on Canada with the mnemonic: Quiet Nerds Burp Only Near School. Which helps you remember the four founding provinces of Canada. Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, & Nova Scotia.
  • He also gives her "Clowns love haircuts, so should Lee Marvin's valle", which gives you the last eight governer generals: Adrienne Clarkson, Roméo LeBlanc, Ray Hnatyshyn, Jeanne Sauvé, Edward Schreyer, Jules Léger, Roland Michener, and Georges Vanier. He also gives her "dogs eat barf only on Wednesday, Mable.", for principle exports, however that is just nonsensical.
  • The Bart Wants What It Wants (DABF06 / S13E11) - As Bart tries to win back his ex-girlfriend, the Simpson family make brief stopover to Toronto. There many things happen:
    • Getting off the bus Marge proclaims, "it's so clean and bland, I'm home!".
    • Homer, is unconcerned as he blindly jaywalks on a don't walk sign, telling Lisa, "It doesn't matter they have free healthcare!" Getting hit by a car he yells, "I'm rich!"
    • There is a montage of the family sightseeing, set to the song "Take Off" (featuring Geddy Lee of Rush). While in Canada they see the CN Tower, Skydome, the birthplace of Paul Shaffer (a bus station), Dodgers of Foreign Wars, and Paramountie Studios.
    • Throughout the trip Bart remains unhappy because of the loss his girlfriend, "I am a ten year old boy in Toronto, I should be the happiest kid in the world".
    • The episode ends with Bart and Milhouse joining Canadian Olympic basketball team. Impressed by their skills (by almost making a shot) a player suggest Bart be the center.
  • Girly Edition (5F15 / S09E21) - Bart is doing a newscast about missing birds and says, "Some say the birds flew to Canada, others say Toronto."
  • When Flanders Failed (7F23 / S03E03) - Homer is watching the Canadian Football League draft picks for Roughriders and the Rough Riders, looking quite bored.
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