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Where is Springfield? Canada Chapter

Springfield in Canada? That is what some people believe in the newsgroup, so here is why they say Springfield is in Canada.

The reasons for are:

  • Matt Groening publicly announced Homer is Canadian.
  • There are several Springfield's in Canada (Nova Scotia, Ontario, Newfoundland, and Manitoba )
  • Canada is where Route 401 runs
  • Many characters say eh. (Burns, Homer, Bart, Comic Store guy, ect.) 
    View the list of character that say Eh
  • Homer eats foods commonly associated with Canada: donuts, a glass of maple syrup for breakfast, beer, and bacon
  • There is low voter turnout it Springfield for American Elections
  • The state Springfield is in is abbreviated NT, NT is the North American postal code for Northwest Territories
  • They say Springfield America sometimes (But the say USA too), America can include all of N. & S. America
  • The way Ontario Hydro is run you would think Homer works there
  • Ralph, who represents Canada at the show's model UN, knows nothing -- where babies come from, how to tie his shoelaces, how to get his finger out of his nose -- but he DOES know the words to the Canadian anthem. - credit Jane Wilson

The reason against:

  • They say Springfield is in the United States (Need I say more)

Things that have been sent to me:

Richard Zach figures it is actually Elora, Ontario for these reason:

- Both have a Gorge
- Both have a water-filled quarry with cliffs kids jump from ("The
Blunder Years", Season 13)
- Elora's area code is 519, which might be Springfield's
( -- it says there that Bart's area
code is 513 or 518 but it wasn't too legible; 519 is pretty close but I
can't check it)
- Elora is just 10 minutes away from 401

Doug Smith reasons why Springfield is in Ontario: 

"There is a Springfield, Ontario, Canada and it is relatively close to the 401 Hwy. Who would notice if the signs were changed on the Bruce or Pickering Nuclear Power Plants if a S.N.P.P. sign were placed on them instead."

A gentleman calling himself Battle Beast sent me the following: 

"I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and there is a community called "Springfield" Which I live in and my neighbor 3 doors down is named Mr. Ed Flanders. His son, 3 1/2 weeks old is named Rodham, (He took my advice) and The Mr. and Misses like my suggestion!" If he is Mr. Flanders neighbor would that make Mr. Beast Homer Simpson?

Randy Telford says:  

think Springfield could be in Canada because the program " Eye On Springfield" on the Simpsons has the same name as , " Eye on Saskachewan" and if you ask me Kent Brockman looks a lot like the CTV anchorman.

Some one form AOL says: 

There was an episode about homosexuality and Homer thought Bart was going gay.... The steel mill that Homer takes Bart to see what guys do best is called the Ajax steel mill.  But, obliviously they cover it up at the end when the screen reads:  This is dedicated to the steel workers of America; Keep reaching for that rainbow! So I just thought that if I pointed out the fact that Ajax is a city in Ontario, it might shed more light that Springfield is based on Ontario. P.S:  Did you know that the town of Pickering Ontario has its own Nuclear Power plant which is not too far (going along route 401) from Ajax?

My 3 cents (exchanged for Canadian money) Springfield is and anywhere USA town, not Canada. We will never know the real answer because there isn't one. This file is just some crazy theories that could never win an argument.


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