The Canadian Connection

For some odd reason we Canadians get a kick out of hearing mention of our fair land on American TV. That is what this page is all about, with connections from some of the top shows on TV. And for even more connections to Canada we also have a complete list of Canadian actors, and shows that are filmed in Canada, and the ability to search for connections in your own area.

Canadian Connections

Here are the Canadian connections in a few of the more popular TV shows.

The X Files


Star Trek


South Park

Canuck Actors

Over a 1000 Canadians have had credited roles in TV and film. To see who they all are click here.

Find the actors that have came out of area. Type in the name of your city or province.

Hollywood North

Because of Canada's low dollar and increasingly better film industry, Canada has become a prime location for many film and TV shows. To see all the titles that are filmed click here.

Find the TV shows and movies filmed in your area. Type in the name of your city or province.

Canadian Characters

Its rare but sometimes we get a character on US TV show that is Canadian. Here is the few I have.

  • Wolverine in the X-Men series
  • Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother, played by Canadian Cobie Smulders
  • Dave Nelson on News Radio, played by Canadian Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall)
  • Dudley Do-Right on The Bullwinkle Show
  • Holling Vincoeur and Shelly Marie Tambo on Northern Exposure
  • Seth Bullock on Deadwood
  • Eddie LeBec on Cheers
  • Terrence and Phillip on South Park
  • Brian on The Larry Sanders Show, played by Canadian Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall)
  • Danny Baker on 30 Rock
  • Valerie Irons on VIP, played by Canada's own Pamela Anderson (Baywatch)
  • The Renault Brothers on Twin Peaks
  • Joe Farrell on Ellen
  • Josh on Veronica's Closest

Made In Canada, the Ultimate Canadian Connection

We can look for Canada in as many US shows a we want, but don't forget we have TV and film made by and for us. Take a look at:

See More on Canada using IMDB, including Canadian Made TV and Film

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All searchable information from the Internet Movie Database. Find more on Canada using IMDb. X-Files, Star Trek 3rd Rock From the Sun, King of the Hill, Frasier, Pinky & The Brain,  Fawlty Towers, & Monty Python Canadian connection lists are from A Collection of Canadian Connections. Visit my bibliography to see where I get all this stuff from.

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