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  • Boy Meets Curl (MABF05 / S21E12) - Homer and Marge go to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics as part of the United States mixed curling team.
    • The opening ceremonies, written by Canadian director Ivan Reitman of Ghostbusters, all countries introduced with, "Who are you going to call..."
    • Bart's new Canadian friend, Milhoose asks, "Your sister is hotter than a Calgary brushfire, mind if I ask her oot?", but after seeing her obsession with Olympic pins he comments, "She is as loonie as a one dollar coin. "
    • When Skinner breaks his broom during the finals, a man with a fleur-de-lis flag yells "sacrebleu" and the man with a Canadian flag next to him says "sacred blue"
    • The episode incorrectly predicted that the gold metal hockey game would be between the United States and Russia.
  • Kill Gil, Volumes I & II (JABF01 / S18E09) - At Krusty's Kristmas on Ice, Moe insists to Patty and Selma that all male figure skaters are 'twinkly in the lutz'. Elvis Stojko, who is performing, attempts to correct Moe by saying "That is a common misconception, I have a girlfriend in Vancouver", to which Moe retorts "Made up girlfriend, made up city".
  • The Ziff Who Came to Dinner (FABF08 / S15E14) - Lisa, who is too scared to sleep after Homer takes her and Bart see the horror movie The Redeadening, tries to reassure herself, "It is only a movie - filmed in Vancouver - with Donald Sutherland as the priest who stopped believing."
  • The Canine Mutiny (4F16 / S08E20) - Bart gets himself a credit card and buys Marge some Vancouver smoked salmon.
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