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  • The Great Simpsina (NABF11 / S22E18) - After Magician Cregg Demon is unable to perform Houdini's Milk Can Escape, he decides to quit magic and to move back to Canada and run for Parliament.
  • Sleeping With the Enemy (FABF19 / S16E03) - When asked to draw a picture of President Eisenhower, Martin quickly finishes and then exuberantly explains his work, "I drew him with Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent. Their relationship was frosty at best!"
  • Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade (DABF20 / S14E03) - Bart help's Lisa with her homework on Canada with the mnemonic: Quiet Nerds Burp Only Near School. Which helps you remember the four founding provinces of Canada. Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, & Nova Scotia.
  • He also gives her "Clowns love haircuts, so should Lee Marvin's valle", which gives you the last eight governer generals: Adrienne Clarkson, Roméo LeBlanc, Ray Hnatyshyn, Jeanne Sauvé, Edward Schreyer, Jules Léger, Roland Michener, and Georges Vanier. He also gives her "dogs eat barf only on Wednesday, Mable.", for principle exports, however that is just nonsensical.
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