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Seinfeld Canadian References 

A feather in my hat, I was one of the 'Yahoo! Canada's Pick of the Week' for the week of April 10, 1998.

Now here is the list:

  • "The Blood" - In the show where Kramer gave Jerry his blood, Kramer asks to use Jerry's TV because he is taping Canadian Parliament on C-Span. *
  • "The Comeback" - George came in happy and Jerry said "Why are you so happy? Did you find someone to take that Canadian quarter of yours"
  • "The Calzone" - The show where Kramer cooks his clothes, Todd Gakk, claims he's going to Montreal and can pick up some Cuban cigars for Jerry.
  • "The Label Maker" - In the show where Jerry has Superbowl tickets, he says he can't give them to Kramer because Kramer only likes Canadian football. *
  • "The Hot Tub" - There is a Canadian travel poster on Kramer's wall when he is in the hot tub. There is also a large Canadian flag being carried in the marathon in the shot of the bridge.
  • "The Summer of George" - There is a can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale in George's refrigerator chair.
  • "The Opposite" - Elaine was kicked out of her apartment building, and the list of grievances include "putting Canadian quarters into the machine".
  • "The Couch" - The show with the Poppy stain, Poppy tells Kramer he gets his ducks from Newfoundland

* Could Kramer be a former Canadian, watching Parliament and CFL?

Indirect References:

  • "The Maid" - Kramer is using Jerry's blanket on the couch. The blanket was from the Hudson Bay Company with the tradition HBC strips.
  • "The Nosejob" - In the show where George is trying to convince his girlfriend to get a nosejob, George says "Peter Jennings has a nosejob", who is Canadian.
  • "The Andrea Dorea" - Elaine was wondering if it was Gordon Ligthfoot who sang
    "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" or Edmund Fitzgerald who sang "The Wreck of Gordon Lightfoot".
  • "Bubble Boy" - The Bubble Boy and George play Trivial Pursuit, a very successful board game that was invented in Canada by Canadians, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott .
  • "The Gum" - Haarwood refers to Kramer's Raymond Massey-like physique. Raymond Massey was a famous Canadian actor.
  • "The Face Painter" - In the show where the gang go to a Devils-Rangers playoff game, two players hit the boards in front of Puddy - He yells Messier and pounds on the glass.
  • "The Bottle Deposit" - There is a video cassette of the Canadian film Léolo on Newman's table.
  • "The Cigar Store Indian" - Elaine is playing poker with her girl friends. A bottle of NAYA water is clearly on the table. NAYA is made in Canada.
  • Jerry's hero Superman was created by Canadians Joe Shuster and friend Jerry Siegel

Canadian Cast/Crew

  • Actor - David James Elliott ... Carl [The Couch]
  • Actor - Angela Featherstone ... Cindy [The Maid]
  • Actor - Teri Austin ... Ava [The Stranded, The Revenge]
  • Actor - Frances Bay ... Mabel Choate [The Rye]
  • Actor - Jeannie Elias .. Myra [The Bris]
  • Actor - Maurice Godin ... Misha [The Gymnast]
  • Voice - Phil Hartman ... Man on the Phone [The Package]
  • Actor - John Kapelos ... Barry [The Sniffing Accountant]
  • Actor - Linda Kash ... Gwen [The Lip Reader]
  • Actor - Peter Keleghan ... Lloyd Braun [The Non-Fat Yogurt]
  • Actor - Kevin McDonald ... Denim Vest [The Strike]
  • Actor - Stephen McHattie ... Dr. Reston [The Watch, The Wallet, The Pitch & The Ticket]
  • Voice - Alex Trebeck ... Himself [The Abstinence]
  • Actor - Keith Morrison ... Newscaster (Himself) [The Trip]
  • Director - David Steinberg ... [The Tape & The Truth]
  • Writer/Producer - Marjorie Gross ... [The Secretary, The Fusilli Jerry, The Understudy, & The Shower Head]

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